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Hydrogenation, Beader & Flaker

Hydrogenation is another important way of processing oils and fats to enhance their value. The objective is to convert liquid oil into semi-solid or solid fat which can be use as a component of a spread. As a consequence of hydrogenation, there is a change in melting behavior because of the increased level of solid present. This affects spreadability, oral response and baking performance.

Product Specifications

Free Fatty Acid (%)
Iodine Value
Melting Point (C)
Peroxide Value
5 1/4 cell
Palm Stearin
0.5 Max
1 Max
58 Min
5 Max
3 Red max

• Physical properties: In flakes or beads form
• Packing: In 25kg woven bag, 25kg paper laminated woven bag or 650kg Jumbo bag