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Refined Products

MVO offers a full range of refined products. ie. RBD Olein, RBD Palm Oil and RBD Palm Stearin.

Palm Oil has a balanced composition of saturated and unsaturated fatty acid with many positive health and nutritional attributes. They have good oxidative stability, good flavours and an ideal for general frying and shortening.

Fractionating Palm Oil gives the popular RBD Palm Olein and Palm Stearin. Olein usually used for frying and cooking purposes whereas Stearin used for both edible and inedible purpose.

MVO products are exported either in bulk, in drums or in smaller consumer packs through the Pasir Gudang Port. All our manufacturing is under PORAM standard specifications and quality control

Product Specifications

RBD Palm Olein
RBD Palm Oil
RBD Palm Stearin
Free Fatty Acid
(as palmitic)
0.1% Max
0.1% Max
0.2% Max
Moisture & impurities
0.1% Max
0.1% Max
0.15% Max
Ioldine Value
56 Min
48 Max
Melting Point (C)
24 Max
44 Min
Cloud Point (C)
10 Max